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05 February 2010 @ 06:08 pm
Battle of the sexy deep voice rap....
Taecyeon of 2PM vs. TOP of Big Bang


the winner is....

MR. TOP!!!! WOOOOO~~!!!!
27 January 2010 @ 09:09 pm
battle of the abs part 2 i think has went on long enough
Ki Kwang of BEAST vs Joon of MBLAQ

end result...
it's a TIE! XD
27 October 2009 @ 03:38 pm
sorry for SUPER LATE post x.x

Battle of the abs.
who's abs are hotter?
Jaebeom of 2PM or Taeyang of Big Bang

the winner is...


the next round will start soon :3

12 July 2009 @ 03:28 pm
we will be glad to affiliate with anything related to the Asian Entertainment ONLY!

A Day Communities


images: google.com

11 July 2009 @ 07:49 pm
What is up everyone?!!
Welcome to azn_showndown!
This community is based off of VH1 television show "The Great Debate". The only difference is that this community we'll be debating about ANYTHING asian entertainment related. which means anything: music, television shows, movies, etc. anything goes.
Entries will contain the topics you, the members will debate which is better. Within about a week's time (times can be changed along with extensions). We'll post the winner of the debate topic, thus starting another debate. Each debate entry will provide images and/or videos to debate on along with a poll. We'll judge the debates based on the poll and your comments backing up your votes.
You are welcome to argue your points with other members. BUT PLEASE DO NOT START DRAMA OR TO THE POINT OF MURDER~!! We don't want to be responsible for people threatening others and drama is JUST stupid. I think to solve this issue, your vote and comment will NOT count when we do the final judgement.
When you are trying to back up your reasoning, PLEASE PROVIDE GOOD REASONS!! "because it's so&so" is NOT a good enough reasoning. Aside from main debates, we'll have little debates on the side. Things like HOT OR NOT and GENIUS OR NOT stuff like that (explained below)

ROUNDS: (main debates)
VERSUS -  things that are pretty closely related. videos, celebs, products, etc
WHO DID IT BETTER - there are a lot of music, videos...that asian artists did. you guys decide who did a better job at it.
SIDE DEBATES: (will start after 50 40+ members)
HOT OR NOT - these are rounds where we'll post a picture of a celeb (you might know or you might not) and you guys decide if it's hot or not.
GLASSES: HOT OR NOT - our mod lishengshun , has a fettish with guys with glasses. we'll put up pictures of celebs wearing glasses and you decide if it's working on them. hot or not
WHO'S HOTTER - these are rounds with pictures of two celebs who look a like or are always compared. you vote on who's "hotter"
GENIUS OR NOT - these are rounds with inventions. your job is to decide whether it's a genius idea or not

If you have ideas (topics)  that we can post for debate, please comment here! (comments are screened)
Feel free to ask questions there as well OR here!

Want to be a mod? Apply here! (1/3)

We will start the debates soon~
Thanks for joining/watching and happy debating! :D